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Welcome TO the World of Events, Advertisement, Promotions & Brand Establishment.!

Outshine is a full service firm dealing in all kinds of events & promotional campaigns since 2010, that was created by pairing together our passion for business and communication & entertainment industry. At Outshine, we know that a truly successful event or a promotional campaign starts way before the linens, flowers and lighting or just media buying. These components are important parts of the campaign or the specific event, but they do not define the whole. Understanding your organization and the business reasons for putting on the campaign lays the foundation that ensures your campaign is providing a return on investment. Our approach is unlike our competitors because we focus on your business first and your campaign is the result.

LEARN: We want to get to know you.

What is your business about? What are your challenges? What are the issues that your members or clients are dealing with? By thoroughly understanding your company’s leadership culture, how your organization operates and your long term strategic plans, we become a part of your team. Our model works best when we can become more than the “hired help” and can become strategic partners, so the first step for us is about getting to know you and your business.

BUILD: Let us do the heavy lifting.

Because we have taken the time to learn about your business and the goals of your campaigns, you can rest assured that the campaigns will be on target and in line with your objectives. Leave the planning and management to us. Let us look after the details and the heavy lifting that comes with planning a professional campaign. From our network of preferred vendors, industry connections and years of experience, we can deliver a full service event & promotional campaigns management experience.

DELIVER: Sit back. Relax

Finally, this is where our expertise comes into play. At our core, We love the on-site details, production plans, schedules, deadlines and to do lists that come along with managing an event. From meticulous management of facility details to AV, catering and on-site coordination, we ensure every detail is looked after. Managing your promotional campaigns using a strategic overall plan and a methodical management approach allows you to rest easy. Let us look after the rest

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